Where to upload your travel photos?

Taken tons of travel photos but don’t know where to store them?

If you store them in your computer or smart phone, it will eventually be lost when the device is spoiled or stolen. Even if you backup them to an external drive, the drive might be lost or spoiled. The safer and cheaper alternative is to store them in the cloud (upload them to the Internet). Many provide free storage.

Travelopy #

If you take lots of photos and write a little, Travelopy is a good choice. You can tag places to create a travel map, and it automatically generate a timeline story of all your travel adventures. It is a community for traveler to share travel stories and tips with fellow travelers. Travelopy offers unlimited storage as long as most of it is travel related.


Facebook #

If you enjoy the immediate gratification from friends liking your travel photos, Facebook is the perfect place. If you want share your travel story with the world, this is not the place.

Flickr #

If you have tons of photos (1TB or 1000GB), Flickr is the perfect place.

Google Drive #

If you just want to store your photo privately without sharing, Google Drive does offer 15GB of free storage with useful tool from Google+ Album. You can also setup to backup all your Android camera photos to here.

Imgur #

It is easy way to share a couple of photos quickly, some use it to write a short photo+blog post.

Tumblr #

Tumblr could be a nice place for sharing beautiful photos, and other tumblr users can reblog you post easily. I am not sure it’s a good place to dump 100+ photos of a single day travel, as it’s not really a photo album.

500px #

It is a nice place for professional photographers to showcase their work, and maybe sell some photos in the process.

SmugSmug #

A paid service to create photo albums with multiple theme.

Google Photos (Launch on May 2015) #

Unlimited storage for photos up to 16MP and auto backup from your Android phone. It’s also utilize image recognition to group your photo together, or generate some cool animations.


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