Best Travel Journal App (Android), for me.

I enjoy travel a lot, and I design an App to capture my travel moments: something quick, intuitive and memorable.

I dislike doing a travel blog because it is tedious: I usually end up taking thousands of photos and writing pages of travel diary every night, and feeling dreadful to spend months organizing them when the trip is over.

I want something instant, like a Facebook and Twitter post. Social media is really good for sharing at the moment in time, but sadly the post will be “lost” over time, drowned by the latest feeds. I wanted a dedicated space to store my travel adventure, and also a place I can easily share my travel itinerary to friend in needs.

Best Travel Journal App

Capture moments #

Whenever I visited a new place, I create a new moment: I select a place, and capture a few good photos. I want to enjoy the moment more rather than staring at my phone the whole time, so I leave the writing to be done at a later time (and rate how much I like it). The whole process took less than a minute, perfect!

This is not a traditional diary where we write it day by day, as there could be a handful of events and places we visited in a single travel day. There shall be many moments for my trip, something like Facebook and Twitter posts; I can share it on social media if I prefer, or maybe not.

Each post can be automatically tagged by location, so I can easily introduce Puchong (my usual hangout) eateries to my friend.


Make a journey #

I usually create a Journey after the trip ends, where I can group my moments together: it shows all the places I been to on a daily basis, and it automatically generate my travel itinerary which I could easily share with my friends.

Check out my South Korea Autumn 2016 travel posts or Taiwan: Winter 2015 travel itinerary.


Discover places #

Travelopy is also good at travel discovery, showing interesting places around you (like Foursquare or TripAdvisor) for countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan & South Korea.

Travel Discovery

Privacy #

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their travel story on the Internet, thus you can choose to keep it private on your phone without the need for signup.

Download Travelopy App to capture moments for your next adventure ?


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