Travelopy: Capture beautiful story

I build a modern travel journal app to capture my travel story for the past 3 years: visited 5 countries and 25 cities, dine at 452 restaurants, experienced 148 attractions and stayed at 40 hotels.

Create Beautiful Moments #

Beautiful travel moments are pleasant to relive, and I have finally produce something good-looking after multiple iterations.


Moments are easily searchable as well, including searching by location.

Make Memorable Journeys #

Group moments together into a journey, making it easy to browse and share my great adventures.


You can easily share your itinerary with other.

Tell Awesome Story #

My travel story is magically generated to show the countries, cities and places I had been to. My regular and favorite places are highlighted as well.


Checkout my travel story.

Private or Public, it’s your choice #

You can sign in to share your adventures to friends and the public.

If you want to keep things private, you can use the app without sign in.

More than just likes and reviews #

If you want people to like your travel photos, you should use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

If you want to write reviews, you can try TripAdvisor or Foursquare.

If you want to keep memory of your adventures and help fellow travelers by sharing your personal experience, use Travelopy to be part of the community.

After spending 3 years using and making it better, I truly believe Travelopy is the best travel journal app ?

I hope you will create your travel story with Travelopy as well ?

If you do, let me know how to make Travelopy better @travelopy


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