Travelopy Android App: Discover Places, Capture Moments

Discover Places #

It’s more convenient when we are on the move and the Travelopy Androip App could show us interesting nearby places. Sometimes we might not have Internet connections (oversea, out of coverage, etc.), so the app is built with offline support (you pre-download places by country, currently support Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, etc.).

We help you discover nearby attractions, restaurants and hotels. We show you how far is it, how to get there, opening hours and price, while showing relevant photos and recommendations by fellow travellers.

Discover Places

Capture Moments #

Taking photos are part of traveling. You can capture the perfect moment with a short note, tag a place while snapping a few photos. It’s like a quick and simple journal to remember your journey, places you been to and crazy things you did.

You can rate the place you visited and leave some tips so that other travellers can enjoy this place as much as you did, while you learn of others’ recommendation.

You can keep your moment private or share it online to Facebook or Twitter with friends and family.

Capture Moments

Why use Travelopy App? #

A website might be good for doing research before we embark on our journey, but an app is necessary to feed us information while on the go.

Travelopy aims to be a handy travel app to make DIY travel fun and hassle free. We start by making it simple and useful to discover places and capture moments, and we still have a lot to do. While you are capturing moments, you also share travel information and tips with others. Let’s make more travellers happy :)

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