Travelopy: a travel album + blog.

I build Travelopy to share my travel story as photo album + blog. If you like taking plenty of travel photos and write a little, you would love this.

I can easily add notes about my travel experience in between the photos (like a photo blog).

I can categorize my album to sections, adding a header to explain what a group of photos is about.

I can enlarge certain photos which I found interesting. All highlighted photos are added into my favourites as My Highlights.

All my panorama photos are automatically enlarged to full view, and added into my favourites as My Panoramas.

I can tag each photo with a location so that I know where I have been to, and a trail map is generated for me.

I can group album into one or more album collection. I added “Venice”, “Vernazza” and “Rome” album into my “Italy” collection; I also added “Vernazza” as part of my “Cinque Terre” collection and all entire Italy albums also added into my “Europe 2013” collection.

I can favourite my photos (and others photo) in a list. My Favourites consist of “Forest Plants & Creatures” where I create a collection of photos about flora and fauna; another of my list is “Desmond & Mei Ru” which consist of nice photos taken together with my wife.

Travelopy generates “My Story”, which consist of all the albums and places I have been to, grouped and sorted by year. Now I don’t have memory lost of places I had been to, and I can show off my adventures in a beautiful and informative manner. So far I visited 27 Cities at 27 Provinces in 9 Countries for 111 Days from 2009 to 2014.


I build Travelopy to create to be the perfect place to tell my travel story, so that I have a beautiful digital memory in case I start to forgets things. If my friends happened to ask for advice of places I had been to, I could easily share that information with them.

Everyone travel differently, and everyone have different ways to keep their memory. Some likes to take photos, some like to write, and some just like to experience in time, while many like to share online in time. Sadly Travelopy had yet to cater for everyone scenario.

My wife likes to take plenty of photos with her Olympus camera (and she spends a lot of time editing them afterwards), so I help her to post the photos online, tag the places, highlight the nice ones and type in our diaries. If you like to take photos with a DSLR and MILC cameras and organize them nicely, then you would like Travelopy. If you like to snap photos with your mobile phones and share them immediately, we are still working on something special for you.

Most of my friends share their photos on Facebook, which is really good if you enjoy immediate feedback from friends, but it sort of “faded” away after a while and no one bother about the memory anyway. I would like to create a beautiful and informative travel story to share with the world, so I believe Travelopy is for that.

With more people sharing their travel stories to the world, perhaps I could finally realize my dream of making DIY travel fun and hassle-free for everyone, making travelers truly happy.


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