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Why Travelopy?

After listening to Dande Ringelmann (Indiegogo) talk at Startup School 2014, it makes me rethink of why I am so obsessed with this travel idea. Dande wanted to “Democratize access to funding”, and she is very sure about that, and I want to be as sure as she is.

I find travel planning and research too time consuming, thus I wanted a simpler and faster solution. The best travel information provider like TripAdvisor (or Gogobot, Wikitravel, etc.) doesn’t solve my problem, so I needed a better product. What kind of Travel I am obsessed about? The DIY type (usually practice by backpacker), where I get to know and select the activities and destination which interest me at my own pace.

Why I want to build Travelopy? I want to make DIY travel so simple that I can pack my bags and go anytime. Tickets are usually affordable with budget airline (problem solved) where hotel booking is fairly easy...

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Make Happy Travelers

I fall in love with travel on 25th July 2005. From there, I have gone to many places, into the mountains and into foreign cultures. I dislike following tour or having a guide, as I cherish the freedom to travel on my own pace without a paid stranger tagging along. I love the experience, but the planning and logistics is very tiring. I wish someone can show me all the gems and arrange all the logistics and accommodations, where I can just pack my bags and have fun, without the daunting research and planning. Sometimes I leech on friend who figured out and arrange everything, where I just follow his lead and have fun, and the experience is very liberating.

I don’t want a personal guide following me around (as I felt it’s kind of “restrictive” and tiring), unless the guide is a friend. I want easily accessible information, someone to tell me how to go to places with recommendations of good...

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